Cosmokii: Kawaii Kao! Angry Face Pin Set

Cosmokii: Kawaii Kao! Angry Face Pin Set

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Kawaii Kao Angry Face Hard Enamel Pin Set (Set of 3 pins)

Introducing Cosmokii: Kawaii Kao! かわいい かお! (Cute Faces!) 
You can bring anything to life with these cute faces! 

These unique pins can be worn on almost anything you can attach them to! Hats, Jackets, Bags, Shoes/Boots, Cushions! 

They can be bought as sets or you can mix and match and make your own faces! 

The important bits:
Measures 0.75 inches
Metal: Iron (Silver Nickel)
Hard Enamel. 
Pink Rubber Backers.
Backed on a cute illustrated card