SALE - SECONDS Pin Mystery Bag 3 Pack!


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A mystery bag that contains 3 pins which are SECONDS. Pins that were sold only as a set - Console 3 part pin + 3 pack crayon pins & the 3 part anime faces will count as ONE pin! :D

There are currently 4 different options:
ANY! - This is literally any pin including fandoms!
ANY (NON-FANDOM) - Any pins outside of fandoms - these won't include Anime & Animal Crossing
Anime - Pins from Demon Slayer & Fire Force
Animal Crossing - Any of the animal crossing pins!

Although it may not always be possible I can take requests on some mystery bags if you already have certain pins, just leave a note at the checkout!

These pins have more than one minor flaw/imperfections but they still look good and need some love too!
Example flaws include but are not limited to:

- Deep Under/Overfilled enamel
- Areas with the wrong colour
- Deep scratches/streaks on enamel
- Plating not smooth
- Several air bubbles
- Dents in enamel
- Chips in enamel
- Lots of dust/dark flecks
- Staining of enamel
- Large defects on metal
- Tarnished Colour on back side of pin

I am unable to take requests of particular pins/imperfections.

Each pack will not have duplicated pins. If you've ordered before please leave me a note and I will TRY to accommodate requests if I have pins available!
All triple packs will come backed on a backing card.